Save a lot of time, lower your costs, improve efficiencies
and decrease regulatory, reputational and financial risk.


The Problem …
Too Much Paperwork!

Financial institutions like yours are drowning in paperwork
and struggling to comply.

You are already battling to comply with far-reaching and
demanding regulatory obligations! Yet existing regulations
are extending and new regulations are continuously
being introduced.

Each regulation demands attention and introduces risks.

It’s difficult to know which rules to apply, when to apply them
and what supporting data and documentation to collect.

As for what the future will bring? It’s impossible to predict how
existing regulations will change and what new regulations will
come into being!

You really need more staff yet you must find a way to control
those increasing costs. So, you battle on!

It’s no wonder that your compliance team is stressed and
struggling to keep up!

Automation is the ANSWER

Software Ate Compliance…. Automation is the ANSWER! Automation is quite simply
the difference between complying and not complying.

We capture and codify best practice regulatory compliance processes. Together with this,
we leverage online networks to effortlessly harvest all supporting data and documentation.
You may choose to use our built-in workflows that tell your staff what to do and when to do it.

Adherence to the highest standards of compliance is therefore inherent
in our automated solution.

BY USING Know Your Solutions, YOU WILL

Demonstrate compliance
Save a lot of time
Lower your costs and
improve efficiencies
Decrease regulatory,
reputational and
financial risk
Reduce the potential
for human errors
Implement standardized
and consistent processes
across all customers and
time periods
Store a transparent
and auditable record in
a system that is secure
and backed up
Create a lifetime compliance record to guard against
future changes
Keep customers happy
by implementing more
effective and efficient
Speed up customer
on-boarding and thus
shorten the time
to revenue
Data and documentation
captured for compliance
purposes, can be
repurposed and used
across product, business
and jurisdictional lines
With an off the shelf
solution that is easy
to configure


An end-to-end, global, customer onboarding solution


Developed using the latest Microsoft Technology suite

Automation is the ANSWER

Software Ate Compliance! … Automation is the ANSWER. Automation is
quite simply the difference between complying and not complying.


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